Hannah’s Kiss

This week Hannah has been sick with the flu.  She has run a high fever and has been sleeping alot during the day but is restless at night.  Sonya has had to stay up with her quite a bit at night, so I decided to take the night shift Tuesday Night.

Now, Hannah was sleepy but I guess she was finally feeling better because she didn’t want to sleep.  She wanted to play.  We played different little games, watched Baby Einstein, played and watched Baby Einstein.  What a night! At about midnight, I was laying on the floor with Hannah and she grabbed me by the sleeve, pulled me up and wrapped her little arms around me and gave me a big hug.  She then pulled out her pacifier and planted a slobbery kiss on my mouth and hugged me one more time.  The whole night was worth it!

With Hannah, I know she loves me but kisses are rare.  They only come on her terms, not mine or anyone elses.  I believe the reason for the kiss was because I was spending time with her and giving her my undivided attention.

In a spiritual sense, God often kisses us when we give Him our undivided attention.  He loves us all the time.  We cannot make Him love us more, however, it is the kiss we long for.  His presence, His touch, His Divine hug.  The way to experience God’s expressed love is through communion with Him.  Giving Him our attention.  Spending time, just us and Him, in the closet of prayer.

Our habit as believers is to accept His love, say that we love Him but neglect the place of prayer.  The tragedy in this is, that we may know He loves us but we might miss the kiss of His love.  God is looking for an intimate relationship with everyone of us.  He wants us to experience His presence in our lives.  He wants to shower us with His Divine kiss.

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