Out of town for a couple days

Tomorrow Sonya and I leave for Kerrville for a couple days to attend the church revitalization retreat.  It is mostly roundtable discussion concerning the issues of revitalizing a church.  I am excited to gain insight in this subject, but I am most excited to get away with Sonya.  Since having Hannah it has been a while since Sonya has gone to one of these trainings with me.  She has sacrificed many trips to take care of Hannah so I could go.  God knew what He was doing when He put us together.  All in all, this should be a weekend of refreshing as well as good alone time with Sonya. 

Tonight is also our annual business meeting.  Most people dread these but at our church it is not all that bad.  It is cut and dry.  Everyone has the same attitude with the annual business meeting.  “Hurry up and get it over.”

Because we will be out of town, There may not be any posts on the blog for a few days.  If I can get to a computer I may write.  You can check back if you want.

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