Leadership Banquet

Last night, the leadership banquet was great.  There was a great crowd but the message by Bro. Crabtree was awesome. 

He reminded us that as leaders we must always seek to grow and do better.  He challenged us not to be stuck in a rut nor make excuses, but rather to choose to dream.  He admonished us in 3 main areas:

1.  It’s never too late to dream.
2.  It’s never too late to change.
3.  It’s never too late to start.

We ought to look at these three areas and begin to dream about what God has for us and our church.  Then we should be willing to change.  Then we must start that process of change and pursue the vision and dream God has given us.  I was challenged to write down my vision and dreams and make a plan to see it fulfilled.

There was invaluable insight from this great pastor.  I came away last night with some nuggets that I can hang onto.

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