Monday Morning, Jan. 28

Yesterday was a great day!  We concluded our ELEVATE Series.  We talked about how we must go to another level in our witness and outreach.  God has called all of us to share Christ’s love with our community and world.  There was a great atmosphere yesterday morning and our attendance was the largest crowd for a regular Sunday in over five years.  It is encouraging to see what God is doing as we conclude the first month of the year.  Surely good things are in store.

This week is a busy one for us and the church.  Tonight is the Leadership Banquet in Bridge City and our Annual Business meeting is Wednesday night.  Sonya and I will be leaving Thursday for Kerrville.  We have been invited to attend the Church Revitalization Retreat at the Hill Country Camp.  It should be a good weekend.

Just a thought this morning from Thomas Kempis’ Imitation of Christ, “And you, who fear even the countanance of an angry man, what answer will you make the God who knows all your sins?”  That thought hit me!  Why is it that we fear offending man, but do not consider, that by our conduct and actions, we might offend the heart of God?   We should care about not offending others but we should also give the same caution in our lives that we might not hurt our Lord.  Evaluate the things that you do, are they pleasing to God? 

Have a great Monday Morning!

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