Eternal Impact

Tonight we went to a visitation for a 55 year old man who died this week.  In my life as a pastor I have never seen so many people nor flowers like we saw tonight.  The funeral home was overflowing with arrangements for this beloved man.  He was a business man who knew people from coast to coast and was very well respected.  He was loved by many.

Sonya and I were in awe at the response of people that came to pay respects to this man.  We wondered what kind of impact he made on others.  What legacy might he have left?  He was influential to others but how lasting of an influence might that be?

As we left the funeral home, I thought of how life is short and we must make an impact for eternity while we have this life.  If we can have that kind of influence in our business life think of what could be done spiritually.  This gentleman was not a believer until two weeks before his death.  He only had two weeks to make an eternal impact.  What might he have done if Christ had come into his life earlier?

All of us are alotted time on this earth to impact others.  What are we doing with our time?  God desires for us to touch lives.  To share Christ’s love.  To disciple others.  Is this a common trait for our lives?  I hope so!  I pray that when I have gone to be with the Lord, that I have that many people who have been touched by our ministry and life. 

It says a lot about a man to see so many people come to the viewing.  He is at home in Heaven.   I pray that the testimony of his conversion, tomorrow at the memorial service, will impact lives for eternity.

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