Feeling Good!

It’s Thursday morning and normally this is the crunch day.  Feeling the pressure of getting everything done for Sunday.  Thursday and Friday are usually the High Energy days for me.  But I’m feeling good this week.  It’s Thursday morning and I am already finished with my two Sunday Sermons.  Life is good!  I might just take tomorrow off.

We have our monthly board meeting tonight.  We will have dinner at Cowboy Red’s then take time for our business.  I thank God for a good group of men to work with.  We are fortunate and blessed to have Godly men on our board.

On another note:  Why can’t the Astro’s hold a lead?  Up 4 to 2 and then give up 6 runs in 1 inning.  Relief pitching has a tough time in the Astro’s organization.  But holding a lead is also tough in a church.  We can be up 4 to 2  and in a matter of time we can begin to lose.  We have to learn how to hold the lead.  We can gain new families and have them attend for several weeks but if they are not assimilated they leave and we lose the lead.

Just like in baseball, relief pitching is the key.  It takes all of us, not just the pastor, to maintain the growth of the church.  It takes every member embracing and going out of their way to build relationships with new families.  It does not matter if we think we are too busy for more friends…we must stretch ourselves and take every opportunity to build the kingdom of God.  Go ahead invite someone to church Sunday and while your at it invite someone from the church out to dinner this week.  It will do you good!

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