Letting Go

It is hard some times to let our kids go.  Part of the maturity process for children is giving them a little more freedom.  Josh is 13, he is a great kid.  I am not just saying that because he is mine…well maybe I am saying that becuase he is mine.  He is a great kid and I trust him to make the right decisions in life.  But letting them go to a friends house overnight is tough.  You spend alot of time pouring into their lives to make sure when the time comes, they will do the right thing.

I am picky who Josh hangs around.  The friend he is with is a good kid from a great family.  But having said all that, it doesn’t make it easier to let Josh go.  Last night after we dropped him off, Sonya and I came to a conclusion, “our son is growing up.”

Part of parenting is having to let go.  I let go for this moment, but it is still my responsibility to instill in Josh the character of Christ.  I am not ready to cut the reins yet.  As long as he lives in my house I will hang onto him as much as I can.  But there are occasions that our kids need to know that we trust them.  This helps them to be more careful not to break that trust.

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