Monday Morning

Here it is Monday morning again.  A start for another week getting ready for Sunday.  It seems that there is the same deadline every week.  Wednesday sermon…Sunday morning Sermon…Sunday night sermon.  It is the weekly grind.  It will start over a week from today.  Although it is a revolving deadline, I wouldn’t trade it for any thing in the world.  I love ministry.  The work that we do makes an eternal difference.  Regardless of the demands we have, ministry is the best thing going.

On another note:  how about them Astros?  Finally, they might be coming around.  They swept the Mariners now they look forward to LA.  I was glad they called Chris Burke back to the majors.  By far he is my favorite Astro.   But the team as a whole is doing better.  Hunter Pence is the man and all the others are starting to hit well.  Keep it up boys!

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