Another Crazy Week

Let’s see, Men’s Breakfast Tuesday and then a crazy day in the office.  Wednesday was a day long meeting at the District Office.  Thursday, had a sectional committee meeting and finished the day with our monthly Senior Supper.  I am not a senior but by default of my position, I am allowed to go.  Today I came in at six to try to get caught up and get my sermon for Sunday ready.

As I left this morning, Sonya said that she missed me. (we haven’t seen each other much this week).  I told her that next week would be better, but she reminded me that I say that every week. 

Ministry is a joy but at times it is a hectic schedule.  The unsung heroes in ministry are the pastor’s wives.  They have to take the back burner sometime while their husband does kingdom work.  While pastors often fellowship together during our meetings, it is the pastor’s wives who rarely enjoy fellowship with their peers.  They are the ones taking care of the kids while the pastor is away from home.  My hats off to pastor’s wives and I pray that God will help us pastors balance family life and ministry.  Some weeks I do a great job at it, some weeks it is impossible.

Thanks Sonya for being understanding.

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