Missionaries With a Passion

Last night, we had a couple of missionaries to Mexico.  They have been serving there for 12 years and are now intinerating to help raise their funds.  There ministry last night can only be described as passionate. 

I have had alot of missionaries over the years and you can always sense their burden for their field of ministry, but Roger and Debbi were different.  They were consumed!  Consumed with a passion to reach Mexico for Christ.  Passionate to raise up leaders that can reach the nations.  Passionate to make an impact on this world that we live in.

It caused me to reflect on my own passion for the city I live.  Am I that consumed with what God has given me to do?  As American pastors we often get stuck in the grind and lose our passion for what we are doing and why we are doing it.  Ministry is not an easy road.  The weekly responsibilities on a pastor are at times tough.  But we should never lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing.

We must never lose that passion and fire for touching lives, changing lives and shaping lives.  I walked away last night evaluating how I can live a life of passion once again.  “Lord, help me to be consumed with a passion for your church and ministry.”

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