Miracle Gro

Last night was church and we had a great Bible Study.  The crowds were down because of all the rain we have been having.  Besides the rain, the men had a great time talking about Becoming a Man After God’s Own Heart.  It has challenged me to become more like Him.  Sonya taught the ladies.  They have been studying prayer.  I have heard good reports from it.

This morning is a beautiful morning, I just hope it doesn’t rain so I can mow my jungle this afternoon.  I put out weed and feed and I think it has been feeding more than weeding.

Don’t you wish there was some kind of Miracle Gro for the church like weed and feed.  Help you fix the things that need to be fixed and feed it to make it grow with little effort.  If only we could come up with something like Church Miracle Gro.  Oh, wait a minute, there is already church Miracle Gro.  It is  the Holy Spirit.  If we could only tap into the Holy Spirit and His miraculous power, the church would grow.  So it’s back to the same thing again, if we pray and seek the Lord, He will cause the church to grow.  The only thing we have to remember is that in addition to our praying we must be willing to work with the Lord.  Sharing our faith, inviting people to church, ministering to people and their needs, etc. 

If we could ever align ourselves with the purpose and will of God, we could see God move.  Our sure way to growth is not another plan, but a reliance on the Spirit of God.

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