Church Is Like A Home Project

Yesterday I installed two lights in our garage.  Our garage needed more light and in my professional expertise, I created more light.  All was going well in this project until I started.  Nothing ever goes right on the first try.  A couple trips to the hardware store, a scrape, a cut, a little bit of blood and behold there is more light.  That is the way we do projects at my house.

Home projects are a lot like building a church.  Building a church is not easy.  It takes perseverance, patience and prayer.  Too often we expect this easy road to building a church, but there are obstacles that often stand in our way.  The enemy does not want us building a church so he works hard at making us work harder.

The thing about it is, that we cannot give up or quit.  We must take the obstacles in stride and just keep plugging away.  Frustration may come when we take one step forward and two steps back but remember, there are times when we take 6 steps forward and only one step back.  This is God’s church!  He will build it and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

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